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DC Venture Capital Partners B.V. (DCVCP) was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investment professionals. We create added value via private equity by partnering with management teams to take the next step and achieve sustainable growth. Our focus is on building successful start-up & scale-up companies and provides investors with global access to top-tier real estate investment opportunities. We have a flexible investment approach, providing growth equity and capital for management buy-outs.

Private equity for start-ups and scale-ups

We focus on early-stage investing in start- and scale-ups. We prefer to invest in markets where we have direct experience. These include New Media & Consumer, Business Services & Technology, Energy & Resources, Financial Services and Real Estate.

To ensure that each portfolio company gets the support it needs to succeed, we actively limit the number of companies we invest in and we work hard to build an ecosystem of expertise around our investments. This guarantees that our portfolio companies get the attention they deserve.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capital provides the opportunity to finance non-listed companies. DC Venture Capital Partners brings together Venture Capital investors and small and medium-sized companies to jointly build or further develop a successful company. As it is quite difficult for small and medium-sized companies to receive a loan through a bank, Venture Capital provides an excellent alternative. At the same time, a Venture Capital investment is an excellent opportunity for investors to get a very good return on the invested capital. A much better return than if it stays on the savings account with the bank. DCVCP invests in companies that have an excellent future ahead in the current economic climate; companies that are well scalable and have potential. This selection process is intended to minimize the risks of investing. When we decide to invest in an entrepreneurial business, we ensure a broad discipline of knowledge and experience to coach the entrepreneur. Think not only of strategists and market experts, but also of pragmatic entrepreneurial spirits. People who can help the entrepreneur with the growing pains of his company.


DC Venture Capital Partners sees her mission to provide her relationships with the attractive returns of the professional real estate market, against acceptable risks. DCVCP offers solid investments, at your trusted address and at reasonable fees.

DCVCP selects and structures its funds with the utmost care and focuses on the importance of its relationships.


It is a misconception that investments in real estate can exclusively be made by large investors. Especially for small investors we have very interesting investment opportunities, like for example a boutique resort or holiday apartments in countries with warm climates. Real estate investments are possible from EUR. 10,000, -. The combination with partial use makes these investments particularly popular among our small investors. In our project overview you will find projects that are specifically intended for investors with smaller grants, which are useful stepping stones to grow further as an investor.

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