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About DC Venture Capital Partners

We are DC Venture Capital Partners, an independent private equity firm, based in the Netherlands. We offer a focused, customised approach in order to increase and accelerate business growth.

Our team is built out of experts in different fields, with extensive experience in investment management, building successful start-up and scale-ups and real estate. This team provide us with extensive expertise and access to a strong network in corporate enterprises and private investors.

To us, private equity is more than just a series of transactions. Our experience has repeatedly shown that a customised approach, and investing in people, is the key to success. We work together with our companies to develop a vision that will lead to sustainable growth. This can only happen in a spirit of entrepreneurship. We build with you, and we know the path to results. Every full-time general partner is or has been a successful entrepreneur and we will service you as a team.

This unique entrepreneurial team approach will give you the benefit of having all of our experienced, well-connected partners working for you, not just one. Whether it’s to help recruit executives, facilitate corporate partnerships, get advice on strategic moves, or exit your company at a premium price, you will have access to the combined resources of our entire team

We make investments based on a clear business case, a joint plan created by management and shareholders, which serves as guidance for growth. DC Venture Capital Partners provides proactive support in strategy, finance and mergers & acquisitions.

We do not take the seat of management, such that the entrepreneurs can keep on doing what they do best: entrepreneuring.

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