"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing."

Our team

DC Venture Capital Partners consists of a dedicated team of experienced entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.

With 20 years of entrepreneurship and real estate experience, the Partners have an extensive network and have experience in building start-ups and scale-ups, acquisitions and divestments of real estate portfolio’s, asset and property management, real estate development, corporate structures, capitalisation and financing, restructuring, mergers & acquisitions and equity search.

As a private equity firm we look beyond purely providing capital, it has our preference to invest with personal and strategic involvement. We use our experience and knowledge to optimize the existing business model, both strategical as operational, and continue our efforts until our combined goals have been reached. Moreover we support entrepreneurs by optimizing the financial structure of their company, including M&A buy and sell assistance. This is our approach for creating sustainable growth under highest integrity.

Danny Cortenraede

As an entrepreneur he turns ideas into businesses. He loves to work with and lead a team of professionals to develop, manage and market top class products and services. He has 15+ years’ experience in Media, ICT and consumer electronics. Danny has developed and explored successfully products, services, distribution strategies and solutions into the market via a direct (key accounts) and indirect sales environment: distribution, retail channel (B2C) and partner channel (B2B).

He has a demonstrable track record of building up successful companies, creating business strategy, strategic plans, closing deals and working with targets. He enjoys combining entrepreneurship with developing and investing in early-growth companies. 


  • Extensive experience in building up successfully start-ups and scale-ups
  • Experience of leading a team
  • Ability in developing and maintaining C-level and/or senior manager level contacts as well as negotiating and operating effectively at all levels and across all business functions
  • Experience in a B2B2C environment where sell-through activities play a key role in success
  • Experience with a fast moving market and mobile communications technologies.
  • Experience in running important marketing budgets for developing dedicated and tailor-made differentiation activities
  • Strong relationship with Fortune 500 companies, SME market, media and creative agencies.


  • Digital media, online & telecom industrie, business development, strategic partnerships
  • Strategic orientation with execution focus
  • Expertise in building various "routes to markets " channels
  • High energy, entrepreneurial mindset and strong committed

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