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Investing together with great integrity in an attractive future while allowing our portfolios to grow steadily. These are our most important objectives. Just like achieving and, certainly just as importantly, retaining optimum return. We’ll go all out to make that a reality for you.

Our portfolio excells in diversity and is uniform in one aspect: sustainable growth. We are looking for investment opportunities creating chances for all involved with a minimal risk and healthy return. Our portfolio consists of investments in businesses as well as real estate. 

Business investments

Business investments almost always predict growth of the concerned organizations. We take a look at the qualities of the managementteam and the opportunities to scale up with limited amount of resources. The organization needs to be easily scaled within the current business structure. 

Real estate investments

The real estate investments we chose are focused on private as well as business investors. A few investments offer the use of the facilities of the project. An example are the resort and holiday parks in the southern European countries. These investments offer the opportunity to enjoy your equity to the fullest. Return efficient as well as joy in the use. A great example is our project in Tuscany: Boutique Resort Le Ville de Trevinano.

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